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Posted on: November 28, 2008


Fat is almost found in growth country which the people is so busy in work and dont have time to take some sport to keep in healthy and the eat anything without considering effect of the foods……



Posted on: November 28, 2008

General Motor will say bankrupt…but CEO still fight with the share holder for finding another solution…..



I think mumbai will not attack i have been there one times and very peacefully….



Posted on: November 28, 2008

Dear Friends……

Herethe tips for starting bike to work.

1.Check for the safety rute, parking area,rest area, and place for shower

2.Check condition of Bike like tyre presssure, chain, and bolts

3.Bring a standard equipment and tools.

4.Safety equipment should be wearing like helm, masker etc.

5.use the comfortable like shoes, bandana,googles,shoes and rain coat.

6.prepare your mental and breakfast  with enough calory

7.obey to the traffic sign  and dont forget to prayer..

i hope this usefull…


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  • deo: yap emang benar tanpa uang kita tidak bisa apa saja
  • Lian: Beauti skin also can we get by free your mind from anything and also eat more fruit with E vitamin for health
  • teuku: I like to drink wine, maybe one or two glasses each night. I also suffer with quite spotty skin, do you think the drink has an effect on my skin?