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Posted on: November 27, 2008

Dear friends,

Live is beautiful and cant be guess what will be happen next day, like today we so happy and that happines not until today but the afternoon everything go wrong and made we sad also with our love and family, some thing we wondering to get someone special in our side who will become our piece of heart we wondering ang thingking nice day if we together with that some one but not even get married that someone already gone because our ego, money,family etc also can be like that but the infortant thing please do not giveup and be sure our god will help us if we asking to our got, so keep your heart and mind with positive thinking and everything will be better soon please think all things that we love it so much and think everything before you did something ……….



  • None
  • deo: yap emang benar tanpa uang kita tidak bisa apa saja
  • Lian: Beauti skin also can we get by free your mind from anything and also eat more fruit with E vitamin for health
  • teuku: I like to drink wine, maybe one or two glasses each night. I also suffer with quite spotty skin, do you think the drink has an effect on my skin?